The World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta

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World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Ga (picture from Wiki)

One of the best things about living in Atlanta is that you’re living in Atlanta. With six distinctly different neighborhoods, the city offers a variety of activities for everyone. From family friendly destinations like the Georgia Aquarium to the trendy shops in Little Five Points, Atlanta will please all different kind of visitors.

Luckily, special products agent, Amanda, was able to take advantage of the Atlanta CityPass, and for one weekend, the city was her playground!We talk about two of Amanda’s trips, though with the Atlanta CityPass, you have admission to five venues: the Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca-Cola, CNN Studio, High Museum or FernbankMuseum, and Zoo Atlanta or Atlanta History Center.

This particular post will be about Amanda’s visit to The ‘World of Coca-Cola’. The exhibition features the history of coca-cola. It transports you back to the days when coca-cola was mixed in front of you, served warm, and purchased in a pharmacy and brings you back to the modern day where Coca-Cola sells over 500 beverage brands in 200 countries and where our soda is nice and cold!

the lobby and the gigantic bottles (picture from this blog)

Amanda and her friend headed over to the World of Coca-Cola and was greeted with a gorgeous lobby. With enormous, decorated soda bottles standing in the middle and swirls of fanciful colors sweeping the room, it’s a wonderful introduction to another world. She couldn’t stop marveling at the gigantic bottles and truly appreciated the amount of work it took to create them. Most of all, Amanda was especially happy to bypass the line on a Saturday morning with her CityPass!

Divided into groups, Amanda entered a room with walls decorated in Coca-Cola products. There was a brief introduction to the Coca-cola brand, the products, and the history of its presence in pop culture. One of Amanda’s favorite parts about the introduction was all of the memorabilia hanging on the walls. Every inch of the room was covered with metal signs, neon lights, and products such as dinnerware and oven mitts dating back to the early beginning of the iconic logo.

“It was definitely fun to see how Coca-Cola’s image has changed throughout the years,” said Amanda. Coca-Cola puts a strong emphasis on its journey from its humble beginnings to the international product it is today. After Happiness Factory: A Documentary, a cute animated short about characters in the Happiness Factory, Amanda was off to The Hub.


You can take a picture with the Coca-Cola polar bear! Who else loves those commercials?

At this point, Amanda was on a self-guided tour of the venue, and the Hub is where you can choose where to start your Coca Cola experience. There were various activities available such as listening to the company’s worldwide influence in the ‘Coca-Cola Connections’ room or visiting the ‘Milestones of Refreshment’, an attraction that showcases different advertisements in chronological order. Other activities include watching how the famous soda pop is made or watching the 4-D film In Search of the Secret Formula. In ‘Bottle Works’, visitors are allowed to see how, you guessed it, cola is bottled.

Probably the most exciting part about the exhibit is the ‘Taste It’ room. Certainly Amanda’s favorite part of the attraction, soda fountains offering 60 different soft drinks from all over the world are placed in this room for you to taste. You can try drinks from France, Chile, Zimbabwe, China, Japan, and the list goes on. Amanda tried every single one, even the notorious Beverly from Italy. She didn’t have a favorite flavor, but she distinctly remembers the Inca Kola from Peru, which she thinks tastes like bubblegum.

Another crowd pleaser is the ‘Coca-Cola Freestyle’ that allows cola enthusiasts to mix their very own drinks. Unfortunately, you can’t take full 2 liter bottles of your personally-made soda, but the Freestyle units are popping up all around the nation.


This is one of the soda fountains in the ‘Taste It’ room. Inca Kola is pictured in the center. Other sodas are from (left to right) Mexico, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Chile. 

There is no better way to end your visit at the World of Coca-Cola than visiting the gift shop. Actually, it’s where the exit is located, so you really can’t miss it! The gift shop is a huge store that offers almost everything Coca-Cola.

“From a pair of sunglasses to home decor such as lamps or bed sheets, you can get anything from the gift shop,” said Amanda, “if you know a coca-cola die-hard fan, you can probably furnish a whole house from this store!”

Amanda loved the World of Coca-Cola and all of the interesting little factoids the venue offered, but there is still one thing that the attraction didn’t mention: Is it soda, coke, or pop?

“It’s soda!”


Amanda decked out in Coca-Cola gear at the gift shop.

Look for the second part of Amanda’s Atlanta excursion with her Atlanta CityPass in upcoming blog posts! If you would like to purchase Atlanta CityPasses, go to this link. If you would like to chat with one of our representatives about the pass, call 800-745-1925. If you would just like to chat about Atlanta and where to find the best doughnuts, tweet at me (Kris) at @reserve123 or catch us on facebook.

Photos by Amanda unless otherwise noted.


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