Halloween Lunch!

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While you were perusing our blog (I hope you were perusing our blog!), we were Halloweening it up at the office.

Allison, chargeback pusher and party planner extraordinaire, decorated the break room with cobwebs and ordered delicious BBQ for lunch. The standard BBQ accouterments were served like macaronic and cheese, green beans, something else that was so good that all I can remember is the empty platter that it was in, and Halloweenies (pigs in a blanket)! Most importantly, we had peach cobbler. I distinctly remember Evonne and Sacki raving about the dessert as I made my way to the baking pan, and I saw it sitting there in all of its warm and gooey glory. The peach cobbler was definitely one of the many highlights of the day.

Allison knew exactly what everyone wanted on Halloween and that was candy! There was a mountain of goodie bags next to the eyeballs in the break room, and it was beautiful.  So what if we’re adults, we still enjoy a couple of sweet tarts and twizzlers in our goodie bags!

Enjoying our lunch buffet

Janice and John posing for Allison. Don’t they  make a lovely pair? 

Thank you Allison and Michelle for coordinating the Halloween lunch!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! Did you dress up? Did you steal some candy out of the candy bowl? Tell us what you dressed up as and what’s your favorite candy in the comments below!


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