Who is the Smuffalo Smurderer?

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Warning: What you are about to see is a little controversial. Viewer discretion is advised.

Who is the Smuffalo Smurderer?

The mysterious Smuffalo Smurderer

Things can get a little crazy in the Reserve 123 office around Halloween time. Twas upon the witching hour (Ok, it was more like right after lunch, so probably around 2 p.m.) when Michelle found her plush animal Smuffalo horribly disfigured. His horn was viciously ripped off the plushie’s frail body.

Later in the evening, Michelle said the Smurderer returned to finish her/his task and completely dismembered Smuffalo in front of her! She desperately suppressed the memories of this ghastly crime and along with it the Smurderer’s identity. She dare not speak the killer’s name for the emotional baggage of seeing her beloved Smuffalo will rush back and leave her mentally unstable (and we certainly cannot have that happen to a co-director with the holiday season coming up).

The only thing we can do now is to keep all desk plushies under close watch. We will not know when the Smuffalo Smurderer will strike again, but with  Halloween only a little more than a week away, we presume she/he will attack before the holiday!

We put up our wanted sign in the break room. If you and your plushie are about to be attacked, please do not make any sudden movements… If you have already been targeted, consider your poor plushie gone. :( Do not make eye contact! After the attack, please call our fire and safety marshalls – Michelle and Janice. Follow their instructions and you will be safe. I will make sure I’ll keep my sheep with me when I leave the office today.

Two ways of staying out of the Smurder Smuffalo’s way are complicated and arduous computer problems and writing a #boohaiku (who knew?). Perhaps you should write a #boohaiku now and TWEET it to us? You know… for your safety.

P.S. In honor of Smuffalo, donations for a flower basket can be given to Kris.

*Our #boohaiku contest is over*

- Kris

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