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Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

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Justin, one of our ticketing agents, recently took a trip back home to New York City and scored tickets to Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. Though Justin was never really a comic book person, he strongly recommends watching the show whether you’re a Marvel nerd or not!

Being the adventure-seeker that Justin is, when he received tickets to Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, he jumped to the opportunity to see what all the buzz was about. At first, Justin was skeptical about seeing a superhero tale translated into Broadway but was very pleased with the performance. He was delightfully surprised to see how seamless the show transitioned from action to singing and dancing.

One may think of an awkward burst of song right before Peter Parker whisks away a damsel in distress, but Justin stressed that there was none of that. The songs were songs about what they were doing and not necessarily these grandiose belts of devotion to your friendly neighborhood superhero, so the singing did not feel out of place.

The dancing was a different story in that choreographers fused dancing and fighting into examples of athletic feats. The dance/fight sequences reminded Justin of Brazilian Capoeira dancing and even compared it to Michael Jackson’s iconic Beat It music video. He definitely enjoyed all of the dance scenes but his favorite was the robbers scene where Spider-Man made his first appearance and swoops down onto the stage.

Justin raved about how often the performers were off the stage and suspended in the air. What makes this show so different from other shows is that they really do bring the show to you. “It’s a very audience involved show,” said Justin. Several fight scenes became acrobatic stunts over audience members, and at one point, Spider-Man even perched on top of a platform right next to the balcony seats.

“It kind of made me jealous,” Justin said jokingly, “here I am in the orchestra seats, and Spider-Man is chilling out right next to the nose-bleed seats!” He pointed out that no matter where you are seated, you’ll be guaranteed a show. Don’t worry if you happened to grab seats in the orchestra level, Spidey will make a couple of appearances down there too.

Even beyond the performance, Justin was impressed with the overall experience. He arrived 10 minutes before the show, and though the line was long, it moved quickly.Organized and friendly, the staff at the theater helped everyone from finding restrooms in the lobby to getting their seats before the show. Like every fabulous show, there were also plenty of stands to buy your Spider-Man swag (you have to get souvenirs for those not lucky enough to see it!).

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(All photos by Justin)


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