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What’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten and where? – A Coney Dog

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Photo by stevendepolo

Photo by stevendepolo on flickr

Reservations Agent Chae said that the best thing she’s ever eaten was a coney dog, specifically with chili fries and, yes, with ketchup on the side.

It was during a family summer vacation in Detroit, Michigan whens she got her hands on this street food delicacy. After a long, lazy summer day, they had a family outing and ended up on the famous 8 Mile Road where Chae remembers grabbing a coney dog at the Omega Coney Island No. 3 diner. What she remembers most about this meal was the steam rising up from a fresh, hot coney dog; and how how hungry she was when she got it.

“It was begging for me to eat it,”  said Chae. For her, it’s the late night street food that strikes her fancy.

It’s kind of  funny how hard it is to find an attractive picture of a coney dog.  It’s one of those ugly-delicious foods that you have to be in the mood for to enjoy, but Chae definitely put me in the mood for a coney dog. I am also a street food aficionado and can’t wait to get myself a New York hot dog… or even a pretzel.

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Have you ever had a coney dog? Where and when? Did you like it? Do you need a side of ketchup? Or is that heresy?

- Kris

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