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Football Season – Favorite teams from our office

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Photo from SportsFanGuy

Photo from SportsFanGuy

As you may know, football season is just around the corner. OK, I was unaware (I’m sorry, I don’t know too much about football!), but Michelle and Allison filled me in on the news and our next office luncheon is tailgate themed. Staff will be outfitted in their football team colors. There will be wings, other food that is usually found at tailgates and most importantly chicken fingers! I  may not know  much about football, but I know chicken fingers, and I will definitely be in the break room chowing down!

This week I asked the office what’s their favorite football teams:

“Pope Greyhounds! My grandson’s 9-10 year old football team!” – Theresa

“My favorite football team is whoever is WINNING!” – Lauren

“University of Georgia! GO DAWGS!” – Michelle

“I am a Texas Tech Red Raiders fan! My husband and I went to college in Lubbock, TX and STILL hold firm that one of these years, Tech will blow all of their rivals out of the water!” – Barbara

“I bleed Husker red. :) ” – Lia

“FALCONS! For now…” – Ellarie

“Arkansas Razorbacks hands down! (college) and The Cowboys – America’s team but they always lose. ha (NFL)” – John M.

Expect to see some pictures  next week of our Tailgate Luncheon!

Who’s your favorite team? Comment below even if you don’t watch football. Do you watch soccer or  rugby?

- Kris

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