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Meet Allison


Conference room with intimidating art and giant metal vases

The first time I stepped into the Alcatraz Media office, after the creepy hallway, and Sacki’s happy face, I was interviewed by two bubbly personalities, one of them being Allison. I was so intimidated by the large picture of pencils in the conference room, but Allison and Michelle made a job interview into a friendly chat.   Not many people can do that, and if you can… well, kudos. (I don’t really have anything witty to say about that.)


Fun Fact: Allison emails everyone in the office that it’s your birthday. See? Epitome of friendly…

K – What do you do?

A – I am the Operations and Administrative Assistant. I help pretty much everyone in the department. I handle most of our credit card chargebacks, so that’s what takes up a portion of my day.

K- How long have you been working here?

A – I started in February, so it’ll be six months next week!

K – COngrats!

A – Thanks!

K – What’s your favorite part of the job?

A – I love the travel and hospitality industry. I love looking at all the tours and seeing where everyone is going. I love all the people who work here. It makes it fun to work…when you like all of your coworkers. haha

K – What’s the fastest form of communication for you in the office – skype or email?

A – Hahaha Skype. Definitely.

K – Are you a Mac or PC person? This is a very big question.

A – It is a very big question…It’s a heated question. I have a PC, but my husband a big, huge iMac that I like using because it’s all fast and snazzy. But I love my PC too. I also have an iPhone, so I’m kind of an Apple convert. I’m in the middle! I have the best of both worlds!

K – If everyone were to play hide and seek in the office, where would you hide?

A – Oh my gosh…. umm… I’m thinking.

K – I’m here to ask the big questions.

A – I know. No one has ever asked me that before. I guess…. I would hide in the cabinets in the kitchen. =)

K- That’s good to know. Now you can’t hide there because I’ll know.

A – Well, it’ll be on a day when you’re not here. (ah ha, touche Allison, but I revealed your secret to everyone, You must hide elsewhere!)

K – What’s you favorite coffee drink?

A – I like just regular coffee, or I guess iced coffee the most.

K – What is the first and last thing you do when you enter and leave the office.

A – First thing I do every morning is I have to say good morning to Modesty or she yells at me. hahaha I walk right by her because she always gets her first. And the last thing I do is forget to lock my filing cabinet hahah because  I am always doing that.

K – We were to all have a group office field trip, where would you want all of us to go?

A – Hmm an all inclusive resort like… in Fiji. =)  Got that, Ryan!

K –  What is your catchphrase?

A – Probably ‘awesome’. I say that whether the news is good or bad. ha

K – What is Michelle’s catchphrase?

A – I don’t know. She always talk about tv shows, so not a specific phrase. Maybe like ‘How I Met Your Mother’  or ‘True Blood’.

K – If heaven exits, what would you like to hear God say at the Pearly Gates?

A – Good job.

- Kris

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