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Meet Rachelle – “The Girl Who Lived”

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There once was a girl named Rachelle who live in a cupboard under the stairs of the Dursleys’. Ha. I kid. But! Would you live under the stairs of the Dursleys’ for eleven years and then find out you’re one of the world’s most powerful wizards/witches of all time? I think I could handle Dudley for eleven years to be an epic witch for the rest of my life…

Anyway, let me please introduce you to Rachelle.

Rachelle at a cozy desk, not cupboard

Rachelle at a cozy desk, not cupboard

I took her away from her cozy desk for a quick interview:

K:What do you do?

R:I am a ticketing agent. My job is to provide accurate and correct e-tickets to our customers.

K: How long have you been working here?

R: This month is actually going to be my 3 year anniversary. I started here August 25th, 2008. I like my job a lot. It’s always something new and something different.

K: What is your favorite part of your job?

R: M favorite part of my job is actually giving out the e-tickets because it means that your tour has been confirmed which means that we have one more satisfied customer! I like knowing that I’m playing a small part for a family enjoying their visit. It’s really cool.

K: Yeah, it’s kind of like you’re Willy Wonka!

R: Yeah, like the Ticketing Willy Wonka!

K: What city do you want to visit?

R: Honestly, my dream vacation is to go back to Europe. I’ve been before but I was really young. I’d like to go now that I’m older and revisit and see how things have changed. Probably the most place I would like to visit would be Rome. It’s where the Vatican is. I’d like to see the Sistine Chapel and see how the Coliseum has changed, as far as the access because you know, it wasn’t as open as it was before.

K: Yeah, the Vatican is beautiful. I’d love to go back.

R: My most favorite thing in the city is the statue of St. Peter because, when I was there, his little toes were rubbed off because people would go by and rub his feet!

K: Are you from Atlanta?

R: I was actually born and raised in California. I am a transplant. =) I moved here in 2005 to go to school, then a year at graduate school, and then I got the job here.

K: How is the change from the West coast to the East coast?

R: Actually, I feel like I should have really been born in Atlanta or in the South! LA is really fast paced and people are so rude there. There is a slower place to life here. If you look at people, they don’t become confrontational, they’ll smile and say hello. It’s an entirely different environment… It’s also a plus you can actually tell what season you’re in.

K: Why does Sonia call you RJ?

R: Hahahaha, she says that RJ is more concise because Rachelle is so long, so she just calls me RJ. I don’t mind. It makes me feel like I’m part of the team?

K: I was just curious. I here her say, “RJ”, and I wonder who that is, then I hear your voice, and then I think “ohhhhh, ok.”

R: It’s always me. haha We were talking about how my name will be changing.

K: Are you getting married?

R: Yeah! I’m getting married next month!  We were talking about how it’s going to sound. I told her that RH won’t sound the same, so she can still call me RJ. =)

K: I like your voice. Have you ever had voice lessons?!

R: That’s the oddest question anyone has ever asked me in my life! hahaha I’ve never had any vocal training or anything like that.

K: Well you have a nice telephone voice.

R: Thanks!

K: Ok, we’re going to do a word association. I’ll say a word and you tell me what word you think about. OK, so travel.

R: Bus

K: Reserve123

R:umm job! hahaha

K: plane

R: ticket

K: Kim Kardashian

R: umm…. wow

K: Justin Beiber

R: teenager

K: Darlene

R: Nice

K: Vince

R: He’s cool

K: Allison

R: She’s so sweet!

And there you go! If you see her, tell her congrats on the 3 year anniversary or the upcoming wedding! Or give her a high five. Those are always nice. Or maybe give her a unicorn. I mean, who doesn’t like unicorns…

- Kris

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