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My Boss Went to Comic Con

La Quinta Corporation

All walks of life attend comic con — the famous and the weird — but how many of you can say that your boss went to comic con?

Michelle and her hubby Stuart

Michelle and her hubby Stu

Upon meeting Michelle, I knew she worked her way up in the company. Very energetic and friendly, Michelle will buzz around the office to get computers fixed and charge-backs completed but will gladly stop by your desk to chat about the genius that is The Big Bang Theory or the hotness of True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard. You see, she enjoys the way of the geek, and this statement is only verified by the fact that she went to Comic-con last week.

While the rest of us were stuck in the office, Michelle was across the country sitting in on panels and finding a better swag bag then the Thundercats bag she got stuck with. Not only can Michelle can answer all of my questions about the in’s and out’s of the office, she is now my go-to person for getting better swag at conventions.

And within these walls lies the largest gathering of geeks

within these walls lies the largest gathering of geeks

“You have to get there in the morning if you want to see a panel at 5pm,” she tells me as I admire her huge Big Bang Theory swag bag that could probably double as a sleeping bag for me. This is her third time going to Comic Con which makes her a veteran panel attendee. Since there were not as many film panels out this year, she attended her favorite shows: Supernatural, Chuck, Glee, and True Blood.

A shrine

A shrine

Michelle’s Four Tips For a Happy Trip to Comic Con:

1. Bring lots of water
2. Wear comfortable shoes
3. Bring extra batteries and memory cards
4. Bring a sharpie for multisurface signage!

Now, she is back in the office, back into the grind, but of course, not without sporting her Chuck shirt. Stay tuned for for the next episode, for we will venture into the office!

- Kris

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