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Bring Your ‘Booty’ on Board the Pirate’s Ransom in Clearwater

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For a cruise with a little attitude, climb aboard the Pirate Cruise from Clearwater for 2 hours of family fun and adventure set to the music of a steel band.  On board the 70-foot pirate ship, there are several fully costumed pirates and other characters which add to the overall experience.

Passengers will embark out into the Gulf of Mexico along Clearwater Beach as they enter the fantasy world where pirates litter the seaways and dolphins come along to play.  Children can get their faces painted and adults can take advantage of the full service bar to purchase an alcoholic beverage. 

This is a magical adventure that the adults will enjoy just as much as the children.  The ship is custom designed to look like a pirate ship from the past, and as you travel the waters of Clearwater, you will feel like you are truly a part of the story.  Everyone must do this cruise once, and you may decide to even do it again just to share the experience with others.  Enjoy some time aboard the Pirate’s Ransom and you will feel like a kid again.  Just don’t forget to bring a camera because the dolphin sightings are spectacular. 

Clearwater Tours has even more exciting tours and activities to choose from on their site, www.ClearwaterTours.com.

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