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No Work, All Play in Monterey!

Monterey, a city in central California known for its famous fishery and well-known residents, has lots to offer to visitors year-round.  From whale watching tours to horseback rides, Jeep excursions to aquariums, no matter what you are interested in doing you are sure to find it in Monterey.

If movies and pop culture interest you, you can engage in one of the most popular activities in Monterey – exploring movie locations and stars’ homes.  The Monterey Bay Movie Tour allows you to just that, with stops at famous movie sites such as Cannery Row, where Marilyn Monroe’s film Clash by Night was shot.  You will also pass the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which was featured in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

Many movies were shot out on Monterey Bay, including Monster from the Ocean Floor and Mutiny on the Bounty.  The Tom Hanks film Turner and Hooch was shot in Pacific Grove, which borders the Bay.  Your tour bus will also take you to Pebble Beach, whose coastline was used in The Parent Trap, The Big Bounce, Chandler, and many other movies.  The Lodge at Pebble Beach was a frequently used location as well, and it was shown in National Velvet, Follow the Sun, and The Ghost.

In addition to seeing some famous spots, you will also get to see why so many directors have chosen to shoot there.  The staggering beauty of Monterey’s landscape and the temperate climate make it an ideal place to live and to film.

The Whale Watching Adventure is yet another reason to travel to the area.  This guided tour, which lasts between two and a half and three hours, is spent looking out on the water at the Humpbacks as well as the Blue and Gray whales.  What you see will depend on the time of year, but you can expect to see a variety if you visit between May and January.  You may even see whales breaking the surface and getting very close to the boats so you can take a look at them up close.  This is an excellent activity for all ages and is especially enjoyable for children.

Visit Monterey this year and you will be so glad you did.  For more information on this fabulous location, go to and start planning your next vacation!

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