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See Beautiful Sedona by Jeep

The most requested tour in the Sedona area is the Sedona Soldier Pass Red Rock Jeep Tour, where passengers go 4-wheeling through the rugged terrain once traveled by General George Crook during the Apache campaign in 1871-72.  This tour’s scheduled stops include Devil’s Kitchen and the Apache’s Seven Pools.  It covers a lot of ground in an hour and a half and includes hotel pick-up in Sedona.

The Full Moon 4×4 Jeep Adventure in Sedona, which is another excellent option for your stay in Sedona, gives you an incredible view of the red rocks at night as they are illuminated by the full moon.  There is no way to adequately describe the feeling as you hike along the trails guided by the light of the moon.  It is truly magical.

Another way to see Sedona is through a Jeep tour of Sedona’s Red Rock Country complete with wine sampling at some of the local vineyards in the Page Springs area just west of Sedona.  The wineries you will visit in Page Springs on the Northern Arizona All Inclusive 4WD Wine Country Tour are Javelina Leap Vineyard, Oak Creek Vineyard, and Page Springs Cellars.  You will not want to miss this tour of three out of the five area wineries, as it includes a 4×4 adventure along remote Sedona roads for an amazing view of the red rocks.  This tour is best when taken in the summer or early fall, at peak harvest time.

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