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Dinner and Dancing on a Clearwater Cruise

Enjoy a night out with the Gourmet Dinner Dance Cruise from Clearwater.  This is a great opportunity to dine under the stars and enjoy mouth-watering food and fabulous live entertainment.  If you are in the mood to dance, you will have plenty of opportunities for that on this cruise.  Mingle with others on board or share a romantic evening where you can focus on you and your loved one.  All of this comes complete with the impressive views of Tampa Bay’s waterfront.

The food takes center stage on this gourmet cruise, and you will have plenty to choose from with over 10 entrée options.  Vegetarians are not left out in the cold here either.  They will have more than one option as well which, as any vegetarian knows, doesn’t happen very often.  The linguine dish is delicious and satisfying for veggies and non-veggies alike.  There are dishes geared towards children as well to ensure that their needs and desires are covered.

If a wonderful night out on the water is what you are looking for then look no further.  You have found just the thing for your time in Clearwater, whether you live there or are just visiting.  This is also a nice way to spend a birthday or anniversary, or to make the perfect proposal.  There are additional packages that include champagne, roses, wine, balloons, and a decorated cake to help you make the day truly special. 

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