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Historic Sights Come Alive in Charleston

For water babies and those just looking for a good way to relax after a long day of walking, there is no better way to see Charleston than from the observation deck of a historic harbor boat.  On the Historic Harbor Boat Tour in Charleston, you will see St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, which was painted black during the Revolutionary and Civil Wars to avoid being an easy target and has somehow managed to be spared from destruction against all odds.  Now painted white again, this is quite a sight as it is in excellent shape considering all it has been through.  You will also see some of the stately homes along the Battery that have endured through the worst of times and a host of natural disasters including hurricanes and earthquakes, and of course war. 

The boat tour takes you past forts Moultrie, Johnson, and Sumter, which have all played a pivotal role in American history, and you will also pass Patriot’s Point, the home of Yorktown.  Throughout the ride you will likely see some beautiful displays of nature, as a dolphin feeds on the water’s surface or a bird swoops down over the water to catch a fish.  This is an excellent opportunity to sightsee and watch as nature takes its course.    

On board you will have access to two decks, both providing an exquisite view of Charleston Harbor.  Bars are located on both decks for your convenience, and one deck serves as an observation deck while the other is used for dining.  The boat is a massive 85 feet long, so there is plenty of room on board for up to 300 passengers.  While the tour only lasts 90 minutes, you can feel free to purchase sandwiches and snacks while you are on board if you wish, whatever will make the ride the most comfortable for you. 

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