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In the state of Kansas you will find a great deal of fun activities for you to take part in during your stay.  Kansas is known for its vast and open plains.  Kansas Tours can provide you with a wide array of fun tours, activities and attraction tickets for you to enjoy during your vacation.

One of the most popular things that visitors to Kansas take part in is the Train Excursion from Abilene.  The ride to Enterprise, Kansas and back will be in a beautifully restored 100 year old train car.  This blast from the past will make you feel like you are travelling many years ago which is quite thrilling. 

As the train rides through the open Kansas plains, you will pass through the Smokey Hill River Valley.  The Hills were named for their smoky appearance during sunrise and sunset.  They provide a lovely transition between the assortments of grass within the prairies.  While you ride through the Valley, you will see an array of bright wildflowers which are equally as beautiful as the rest of the land you are riding on aboard the train.

After arriving in Enterprise, you can take your time to visit the shops, eat at the restaurants, or explore the area.  Even though it is such a neat place, you will be looking forward to your ride back through the wilderness of Kansas because it is so breathtaking.

For a wonderful experience, try out the Kansas Wagon Train Weekend .  Your weekend will be one to remember after spending time on the open plains living the simple frontier life. 

Your ride on the authentic covered wagon is a wonderful way for you to bond with your family or friends.  The wagons move slowly so there is not much physical activity but people do alternate turns riding the wagon and walking along it, just like they did when it was the only mode of transportation. 

Your destination is a large campground where you will spend the night.  Your evening will be full of fun entertainment including singers and storytellers.  A cook is on hand to prepare your traditional and scrumptious meal for the evening and the next morning.

If you want to get a taste of how our ancestors lived on the land then try out this covered wagon trip!

For more fantastic opportunities to explore the Kansas prairies on covered wagon, train, or even railbus, then visit Kansas Tours’ website at www.kansas-tours.net.

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