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Feel the European Vibe in Québec City

Québec City delights visitors year after year.  The simple and charming style creates a city full of everything it takes to please its residents and tourists.  As a busy seaport, important location for research and complete with vibrant culture, it is a perfect spot to spend a vacation.  A variety of tours, activities and attraction tickets are offered by Québec City Tours.  Each of them would be an amazing addition to your vacation. 

If you are looking for something fun and unique to do one evening, try out the Ghost Tales Walking Tour.  Be ready to get chills from this haunting walk through the dim streets of Québec City.  As you gingerly walk down the cobblestone streets and dark buildings, your guide, who is dressed for the occasion, will let you in on the secrets and legends from years and years ago. 

You will learn about an executed American whose spirit walks the streets at night and hear how the ghost of one man has been credited for thousands of unexplained fatalities.  The guide will also tell you the qualifications for a 1600s executioner and take you into one of Québec City’s most haunted buildings.  You will be completely fascinated throughout the tour as you will learn some of the more unknown history of the city. 

For a daytime adventure, try out the Whale Watching Cruise.  With two different embarking locations, one in Baie Ste-Catherine and the other from Tadoussac, this tour is completely convenient for you no matter where in Québec City you are staying.  The cruise gives you the opportunity to witness some of the greatest mammals in the world. 

The playful humpback whales will jump SO close to the boat that you are going to feel their splash, so be ready to get wet!  You will also get to see the graceful beluga whale, minke whale, fin whale and blue whale.  What a fantastic experience!

Quebec City Tours can not only make your trip fun and enjoyable, but one with memories to last a lifetime.  By visiting and reserving your tickets today, you will be that much closer to having your best vacation to date!

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