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Oak Alley Plantation

Oak Alley Plantation


For a look at some of the history and culture behind New Orleans, check out the Grand Tour of Cajun Country by Van from New Orleans.  In this tour, you will have a chance to visit two plantations – the gorgeous Oak Alley Plantation and Laura Plantation, a historic Creole sugar plantation built in 1805.  The Laura farmstead is surrounded by sugarcane fields and comprises 11 historic buildings that are on the National Register.  These include slave cabins where Br’er Rabbit was recorded over 140 years ago.  The plantation segment of the tour gives an excellent overview of life on a Creole plantation and along the way you will see exquisite views of the majestic oak tree alley at Oak Alley Plantation and the swamp land that is ever-present in the New Orleans area.

Lunch is included over at Oak Alley Plantation and takes place at their Cajun restaurant.  The food is delicious so you will want to save plenty of room for all the traditional fare.  As if this all wasn’t enough, also included on this valuable tour is a Cajun Bayou Tour, which is taken at the start of the day.  You will drive out to Cajun Country, first traveling through the wild cypress swamps and over the Mississippi River.  The trip will be led by a fantastic guide who will give you some information on the Cajun lifestyle.  Once at your destination, you will go on a narrated boat tour where you will learn about the swamp and its wildlife including reptiles, birds, and healing plants.  At the conclusion of the boat tour you will visit the swamp zoo on Bayou Boeuf. 

The whole tour lasts 9 hours and is a wonderful foray into Cajun and Creole history.  You will not want to miss this insider’s look into the spirit and beauty of Louisiana.    

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