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Savannah is not your average old southern town; it encompasses everything a town in the south should be with its historical aspects and charm while also expressing a big city vibe to its tourists.There are so many wonderful amenities to take advantage of while visiting Savannah that the only solution is to revisit many, many times.

Savannah Streets

Savannah Streets

The charming city of Savannah provides entertainment for all ages but if you are looking for something to do with the whole family, the Historic Savannah Tour is one thing you should make sure to see.This 90 minute tour takes you through downtown historic Savannah where you can experience and enjoy 270 years of fascinating history.

On the 35-passenger open-air trolley, you go through some of Savannah’s most famous historical squares, or small city parks.The squares are surrounded by beautiful oaks, dripping with Spanish moss, historic homes, churches, museums and businesses.Many of these squares have a monument in the center with wide sidewalks and benches for visitors to sit.You will even get to see the famous bench in the movie Forrest Gump.Each square has its own story, name and personality.

River Street is a one-of-a-kind experience.As the trolley takes you along the cobblestone path of River Street, you will notice the beautiful and calm waters of the Savannah River, and will probably see several river boats travelling through it as well.You will also see the many shops and restaurants along the way.

The simple layout and structure of Savannah, Georgia is what makes it alluring and appealing and is also what has brought it international recognition.If there is one place where you can experience a small town charm mixed with big city life, Savannah is that extraordinary place.

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