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There are several different options when it comes to Wine, Food, and Coffee Tasting Tours in Seattle, Washington this year.  Winery tours and cultural food tours are provided daily during the peak season and several times weekly during the off-peak season.  There are also private group tours available which can be modified to work with almost any itinerary.

The most popular sightseeing excursion in Seattle is the Snoqualmie Falls and Winery Tour.  This tour is described as follows:

“The Snoqualmie Falls and winery tour from Seattle is a sightseeing excursion that takes you into the Cascade foothills. See the 270-foot tall Snoqualmie Falls, and visit two award-winning wineries.

Driving over both floating bridges on Lake Washington, we take a picturesque ride past the University of Washington, through rural farm lands, forests, and charming east side towns. You will see the towering 270 foot Snoqualmie Falls and maybe take a hike to the bottom. Next, you will have a chance to sample Washington’s award winning wines from Chateau Ste. Michele and Columbia Wineries.

Sample Washington’s award winning wines from Chateau Ste. Michele and Columbia Wineries.  The choices on this tour are many, and indulging is the name of the game. This is not a day to worry about your waistline as we will sample wine, beer, chocolate, and more. You may also decide to eat a tasty lunch at Red Hook Ale brewery.

Whether you want to go through a chocolate factory, see 40 foot flowering Rhododendrons, or view the legendary floating homes of Lake Union, this eclectic tour is bound to have something for everyone. However you slice it, it is a great, relaxing escape from the city. If you want to get out of the city and experience nature and the finer things in life, then this tour is for you.”

On a recent visit to Seattle, I really enjoyed my visit to Pike Place MarketSeattle Tours provides a cultural food tour that includes Pike Place Market for many tastings.  The website describes this activity as follows:

“Explore Seattle’s culinary riches on this exciting guided walking food and cultural tour of Seattle’s most iconic landmark, Pike Place Market! We will take you beyond the rows of colorful produce and glistening seafood to experience some of our favorite market spots. You will taste locally made foods and beverages that will awaken your palate, meet some of the storied characters and artisans that give the market life, and learn about the market’s rich and vibrant history. Come and be inspired on this intimate journey to taste some of Seattle’s best eats!

By the end of the tour, you will have eaten an array of deliciously famous foods, picked up a few buying tips and cooking ideas, and learned some handy market knowledge.

For your listening comfort, each tour participant will be provided with a personal audio device. You will enjoy crystal clear sound from your tour guide, while still being able to soak up the lively hustle and bustle of Pike Place Market.”

The Wet Your Whistle Tour is a private tour option that has been designed for groups of 8 or more.  The tour includes a visit to a coffee roasting plant, a brewery, and an award-winning winery.  Since Seattle is a coffee Mecca, coffee, beer, and wine define Northwest culture as much as the great outdoors, Boeing, and Microsoft.  This is the perfect excursion for small groups or business outings.

For more information or assistance with reservations and group bookings, please visit Seattle Tours (www.SeattleTours.us) or email info@seattletours.us.

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